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Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu


No longer will you have to be fearful to start standing. Soon you'll be able to take down anyone!

The knowledge you'll get:

  • Hours of Jiu Jitsu techniques. 
  • Nogi hand fighting, positioning, entries & set ups catered towards Jiu Jitsu & submission grappling.
  • Single leg, low single, & high crouch takedowns, along with chain wrestling options. 
  • Double leg offence, guillotine, darce, anaconda defences.   
  • Snap downs, Knee picks, choke set ups & turn overs.
  • Upper body takedowns, trips, sweeps & throws from double unders/ over under.
  • How to wrestle in a Gi, learn grip breaks, collar drags, transitions into singles & doubles.
  • How to get out of bad positions from failed takedown attempts.
  • Match breakdowns from Gi, Nogi, Freestyle Wrestling, & Mixed martial arts matches.
  • Learn from the best of Judo, Sambo, Freestyle & Greco Wrestling. That have been adjusted for the threats & rules of Jiu Jitsu & submission grappling.
  • Proven techniques that work & have been used in security training, the army, & military.
  • Real life self defence techniques that actually work!
  • Live ongoing support. 


What People Are Saying:

Very good demonstrations and explanations. This has definitely helped me as a 2 stripe white belt get to the next level. Knowing how to start standing has give me a lot more confidence when rolling, and given me a edge.


This is an excellent course and well worth the investment of time and expense. This is a key course of knowledge for anyone new to Jiu Jitsu or anyone looking to improve their game.

J. Vonk

Awesome work explaining and demonstrating techniques across all of his videos. The helpful hints are a nice touch. Great timing and camera angles as well.

Levi Atkins