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  • Hundreds of Jiu Jitsu Gi & Nogi videos to help fast track your game.
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Covering all area of Jiu Jitsu - such as 


Positioning, controls for stand up - Course

Positioning, controls & defences for - Inside ties - Russian 2 on 1 - Collar ties - Under hooks - Different body locks - & Lines of Defence. 


Mastering open guard - Course 

Covering all concepts and going over the proper ways of how to use your open guard properly. Guard transitions, sweeps, combinations from De La Riva guard, Spider guard guard & Lasso guards.


Single leg & High C - Course

Head inside or outside - Different stages from the hip, knee to ankle. Different stage finishes. When to switch off to other techniques like body locks, singles etc. Dealing with the sprawl & more.


Double Legs - Course

Double leg techniques from standing to kneeling. Along with when you get your head caught in different chokes like the guillotine or anaconda. Defences from early to later stages.


Snap down - Course

Learn different set up from early to later stage snap downs. When to switch off to single & double legs, ankle picks. Learn guillotines, anacondas & even Darce chokes set ups.


Ultimate guard passing Vol 1 - Course

Learn how to pass all the basic guards there are in submission grappling and Jiu Jitsu. Such as closed guard, half guard, butterfly guard and much more.


Ultimate guard passing Vol 2 - Course

Learn how to pass the more advanced guards in Jiu jitsu. From 50/50 guard, X guard, worm guard, reverse Del la Riva guard, along with many others.


The Arm Bar - Course

Everything you need to know about the arm bar submission. From set up, defences & escapes, combinations attacks & a lot more.


Pin & Controls Escapes - Vol 1

Students will have much more confidence and have a greater knowledge and understanding of how to use properly escape all the basic controls & pins.


Pin & Controls Escapes Advanced - Vol 2

Advanced escapes from pins and controls like - the truck position, side mount, or even the top or bottom crucifix. This course is more focused for intermediate to advance students.


Jiu Jitsu Match Breakdowns

In this section you'll find different match breakdowns of myself analysing Jiu Jitsu Gi and Nogi rolls from classes and competition. This section is helpful for beginners but also for advance.


These are just some of the areas the Jiu Jitsu Grappling membership has to offer.