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Online Jiu Jitsu and martial arts training courses for Gi and Nogi submission grappling

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Pass anyones guard!

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Wrestling for Jiu Jitsu - Course

Learn the skills to be able to takedown anyone. Learn the best techniques from Sambo, Judo, Freestyle & Greco Wrestling catered towards the rules and threats of Jiu Jitsu. No longer do you have to fear the stand up grappling game. This course is for students wanting that extra edge, and have the ability to takedown everyone!

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Hi, I'm Gavin, and I've been training, teaching & competing in martial arts for over 25 years. My main goal is to help fast track your Jiu Jitsu knowledge.

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Levi Edison Atkins

Awesome work explaining and demonstrating techniques across all of his videos. The helpful hints are a nice touch. Great timing and camera angles as well.

alex D

Instructor is very knowledgeable. I have learned some additional moves in the progress. Thank you Sir. Ossss!

Rodrigo Peixoto Ferreira

As a bjj purple belt I liked a lot this course as well the first one. I hope he can release the volume 02 soon. Oss.

Online jiu jitsu and martial arts training courses for Gi and Nogi submission grappling.

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